I’m sure you’ve all heard it by now. The Kansas City Chiefs have not had a wide receiver touchdown in the regular season in quite some time, starting Week 15 of 2013, and going to the present day. It’s a streak that keeps increasing and increasing.

Now, you’re probably wondering; are we able to figure out how many touchdowns were thrown to a receiver in that regular season stretch?

I’m here to answer that question with an astounding yes. Thanks to my recent research, I have discovered how amazing this wide receiver touchdown drought is.

The chart below illustrates all 32 teams and the success they’ve had throwing touchdowns to wide receivers in the regular season. Get ready, because here it comes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.52.48 AM

You read this correctly. Since the Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver touchdown began on Week 15, 2013, a total of 666 touchdown passes have been thrown to the WR position in that stretch. 

Six hundred and sixty six. That confirms it:


All Waterboy references aside, this has been pretty eye opening for me. I knew Kansas City’s drought was bad, but I never in a million years thought it would be this bad. How can one team have zero of the 666 touchdown passes thrown to a wide receiver in this stretch? It’s a mystery.

A couple of notes:

1. The Packers lead everyone in this category with 37 WR TD passes. AND they haven’t even played in Week 3 (yet), deciding if that number will increase against, coincidentally, the Chiefs.

2. The Minnesota Vikings are the only other team without a wide receiver touchdown in 2015 (their sole TD pass of the season was to TE Kyle Rudolph in week 2 against the Lions). That’s right, the Chiefs have some company. For now, anyway.

3. It should be no surprise that teams like the Patriots and Saints are near the bottom of the list, as they have been pretty dependent on tight ends to get the touchdowns for them.

4. The Packers, Broncos, Cowboys, and Steelers are the only 4 teams to throw at least 30 WR TD passes in this stretch. No surprise considering these teams have been 4 of the best in that respective category.

5. The Cardinals lead 2015 in WR TDs, with 7. Remember when we all thought Larry Fitzgerald was washed? Good times. The Jets are 2nd with 6. Didn’t see that coming.

6. This is a statistic in which the Browns do not finish in last place, and YES, they can feel good about that! Not sure that the same thing can be said about the Chiefs.

Interpret this however you want, but the fact remains; Alex Smith, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs need to get some wide receiver touchdowns on Monday Night (playing at Lambeau Filed won’t make that easy).

Then again, for the amusement of fans of the other 31 teams, we should root for this drought to continue.

(Meme via blogher.com)

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