During yesterday’s Packers-Seahawks game, I wrote down 7 pages of notes. These notes were written live and covered pretty much the entire game. Some of the notes are written for humor, while others offer serious takes.

So without further delay, I present my Packers-Seahawks notes. (Warning: Profanity is used to some extent)

Packers Seahawks Notes

1st Packers Drive

Eddie Lacy starting out strong

Rodgers still getting sacked.

1st Seahawks Drive

Lynch goes beast mode

Wilson starting out smart

Wilson nearly picked off on bad throw

Bullshit ass Penalty on punt. First Down Seahawks

Field goal. 3-0 SEA

Harvin looking like Wilson’s #1 guy.

2nd Packers Drive

Rodgers finally makes a good throw

Nope, never mind, Rodgers still struggling to make consecutive good throws. SMFH

The shit is this, Earl Thomas? (Fumble on punt, Packers ball still)

3rd Packers Drive

Rodgers completes the laser for the first down on 3rd down.

Another rocket

John Kuhn goaline TD run. 7-3 Packers. That’s a racist last name.

2nd Seahawks drive

Wilson to Harvin looking like a great QB-WR duo.

End of 1st quarter

Lynch is still a fucking beast

Harvin fumbling, lucky the Seahawks saved his ass.

Wilson fires a great pass on play action

Russell Wilson beautiful read option for the touchdown to Ricardo Lockette.

10-7 Seahawks

Ha-Ha Clinton Dix broken tackle

Wilson 8/9 93 yds 1 TD

4th Packers Drive

Rodgers hitting his stride. First down

2 Packers injuries on OL at the same time. Voodoo.

Starks up the middle for a first down

HOLY SHIT DEEP BALL incomplete but penalty, what is it

PI on defense. Duh.

Rodgers misses completely, 4th down

Mason Crosby nails it. 10-10.

3rd Seahawks Drive

Harvin when healthy is elite. Kick return was beast.

Nice throw by Wilson to the white guy who makes a great catch

More Skittles for Beast Mode Lynch. First down and more

Good lord Percy Harvin is still alive for some reason. First down.

Beast Mode TD run. 17-10 Seahawks

Dom Capers narrative is bullshit.

5th Packers drive

Rodgers looking hesitant, but makes the 1st down shovel pass, play action

2 minute warning

Why didn’t Rodgers run? Bad pass (again). 4th down.

4th Seahawks drive

Wilson sacked, obvious flag because defense

Illegal contact=first down

Wilson DEEP BALL. Almost picked off.

Wilson garbage time scramble, end of the half.

Overall: Strong running game for SEA (Lynch looks Beast), GB’s run is good, not as good. Wilson lucks accurate as hell, Rodgers is playing well but somewhat inconsistent. Packers did better job of protecting Rodgers, no 8 sack first half.



5th Seahawks Drive

Beast Mode being Beast Mode. First down on his 8th carry of the night.

Smart move by Wilson to throw before he takes the sack

Wilson just barely misses his target

Wilson’s scramble is denied.

6th Packers Drive

Rodgers INT, but ball was tipped by Nelson, so BULLSHIT. Maxwell INT

6th Seahawks Drive

More field goals. 20-10 Seattle.

7th Packers Drive

Rodgers makes a nice pass. First down.

Another nice pass from Rodgers on 3rd down. Move the chains.

Aaron Rodgers: “lol how do you run?”

Turnover on downs. Is Dom Capers controlling the offense?

7th Seahawks Drive

Almost picked off again. Man, Wilson should have 3 INT.. Lucky.

GB gets a stop. Finally. Dom Capers=Elite

8th Packers Drive

Safety. Geez. Seattle’s defense looks unstoppable because Dom Capers isn’t running it. Entire SEA team is beast right now. 22-10 SEA

8th Seahawks Drive

Another good throw by Wilson. First down.

Really thought Wilson would fumble that. Nope. Threw it away in time. Silly me.

Good look by Wilson. Appears to be a first down.

Dangerous scramble by Wilson for the first down.

End of 3rd quarter, computer dying, help.


More Skittles. TD Beast Mode Lynch, who’s on fire. 30-10 Seahawks. Lol jk 29-10 SEA.

Richard Sherman hasn’t been cursed by Madden yet. WTF

Packers defense looks awful. Dom Capers is on some bull.

9th Packers Drive

Garbage time for Rodgers

Packers are finally using Lacy when it’s least convenient.

Rodgers is accurate in a 29-10 game. First down, move the garbage time chains.

Rodgers with a sissy throw for about 0.1 yards. Packers look like something I’d shit, an insult to my shit.

Seattle is making Aaron Rodgers look like Carson Palmer. 2011-13 Carson Palmer.

Rodgers’ first TD pass. In garbage time. Or is it? Score is a bit closer.

2 point conversion. Failed. Lol. 29-16 SEA

Rodgers is the first QB to throw a TD at Seattle since week 9 2013. Big deal, it was also in garbage time.

9th Seahawks Drive.

Wilson scrambles like Fran Tarkenton. Or Steve Young. Or Russell Wilson.

Lynch is still Beast Mode. Shocking.

Injury: Lacy with a concussion despite not even being used by Green Bay.

Dom Capers is a great defensive coordinator still (shit no one says after tonight)

Russell Wilson teaches RGIII how to slide the right away after the smooth scramble for a first down. RGIII calls Wilson a hater.

Russell Wilson is 2nd QB ever with 50 TD and 1,000 rushing yards in any 2 year span (Randall Cunningham)

Percy Harvin is awesome when his bones aren’t made out of quicksand. First down.

Russell Wilson pretty much close to putting game away.

This game is over unless I’m wrong, which sometimes happens.

29-16 is actually pretty close to my 28-17 prediction. Holy crap I’m good.

Entertaining game for NFL analysts/writers like me, not so much for fans expecting a competitive shootout between Wilson/Rodgers.

68,424 people showed up at Centurylink, a new stadium record. Also the amount of yards Green Bay’s given up on defense.

TD pass from Wilson to Coleman, this game is over. 36-16.

Wilson: 2 TD, 0 INT. Looked very sharp today.

Wilson is the 2nd best player on the field, after Lynch.

10th Packers Drive

Really what is the point of writing this anymore? The 2 minute warning is near, and the score is still 36-16. Seattle defense/offense looked phenominal tonight. Few mistakes here and there, but overall very efficient, Wilson looked mostly accurate, more of a leader, Lynch looked dynamic as hell.

2 minute warning. Just end this game please so I can charge my phone, which is at 2% and on airplane mode. Computer also on low energy.

This attractive girl working for BW3 thinks I’m doing an English paper, is interested by it. Winning.

Nice throw by Rodgers, if it mattered. Computer dying, must turn off.

10th Seahawks Drive

Clutch Knee Taking.

Final Score: Seattle 36, Green Bay 16

Good job, good effort Dom Capers.

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