On Saturday, August 30th, the Rams announced the release of rookie DE Michael Sam. Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL was presumed to be outplayed by UDFA Ethan Westbrooks, who ultimately made the Rams roster.

The first question: Will the Rams regret this decision? Not really. The Rams defensive line is highly thought of as one of the best in the NFL, so Michael Sam not making the roster despite performing well enough is a testament to how good the defensive line is.

So where does Michael Sam go after this?

Some might say the 49ers would be a good fit for Sam, especially considering the holes they have on the front 7 are many. The main problem is that Sam is more of a 4-3 defensive guy, and the 49ers run a 3-4 defensive scheme. And when you consider the younger depth they have, it’s unlikely that we see Sam being a fit in San Francisco.

Another possible candidate would be the Seahawks, especially considering they run the 4-3 scheme Sam fits in. The main problem? This is the #1 defense in the NFL we’re dealing with. Does Seattle have room for a rookie that just got cut?

Despite not running the same scheme as Sam, I see the Cowboys signing him. They run a 3-4 scheme, but with veteran defensive ends such as Ben Gardner, Anthony Spencer, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Henry Melton out on the injury reserve, Dallas has an opening at that spot for Michael Sam to fit on. If “America’s Team” has any interest, they’d better act fast, because it’s assumed Sam will be signed before the season starts.

For now though, we play the waiting game.

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